Our Children and Our Church

Why Children are Included in Everything We Do

    We value children in our church because Jesus values children.  We want children to be active participants when we come together (worship, mission, meals, etc.).  While the current cultural trend in the church is to separate parents and children, we have a unique opportunity to nurture “life together” as families inside the context of a spiritual environment.

    So much of the traditional “church life” has stressed giving kids information to digest while parents are learning “grown up stuff.”  We believe that kids get church when they experience it and see it modeled in every day life - in homes, on playgrounds, at restaurants, and dinner tables.  When we have children in our community they will experience the love of God by being known and loved by adults and other children in the group.

    When a church is blessed with children, the church is given the task of discipling them.  But it is not the sole job of the church to disciple the children.  Discipleship happens best within the family.  However, discipleship is the responsibility of the entire church.  Thus, when we see children getting baptized, it is apparent that families and church members have taken that command seriously.  It is no small thing to encourage children to follow the teachings of Jesus in everyday life - not just at church.

    We believe that our core values as a church apply directly to how we interact with children, how they interact with each other and the world around them.  When a child begins internalizing the values of the kingdom at a young age, church in everyday life becomes the norm.  We want to equip the next generation of children to be church in a way that is attractive to the lost while holding to the standards of high accountability and low control.

Children and Worship

    Worship is the telling of God’s story.  The telling of his love, beauty, and wonder.  We worship God because it is the proper response to his work in the world.  He is our creator and he created us to be worshippers.  Worship is the outward expression of our love and devotion to his work in our lives.

    Having children in worship is a beautiful part of church.  We want them to experience church as family.  When we gather around the Lord’s Table for communion it is important for kids to join us in the remembrance of our Lord.  Through the church’s worship we hope to cultivate rhythms of grace in all of us especially our children.