We are committed to creating vibrant, contemporary worship experiences woven together with the rich textures of the church’s tradition. We are committed to creative, compelling biblical teaching that touches the mind and heart with the gospel and challenges and equips the members of our parish to live out the mission of God in the world.


Missional Communities will be made up of several neighbors who regularly join up to pursue the mission of God together through service projects, ministry partnerships, and neighborhood outreach opportunities.


One of the most vibrant expressions of Christian community is when a group of people gather around a table to share a meal.  Family Dinners will draw together diverse groups of people in a regular rhythm of sharing life together.


Ultimately, our desire is for the individuals in our community to be drawn together into small groups of 2-3 people who can feel safe gathering and sharing the struggles and joys of life.  This is, to put it simply, friendship.